Lodge of Instruction
Due to Covid-19, the date and time of our next
lodge of instruction is, at this time, uncertain.
The secretary will inform lodge members at the earliest
opportunity as soon as a date can be confirmed.

We meet most months (see below) in a relaxed atmosphere to practise our various ceremonies so that at our lodge meetings we feel confident and well rehearsed.


There are also opportunities and support for brethren to practise any additional ritual should they so wish (time permitting).

Although the ceremonies are always practised in earnest to make sure we give of our best at the actual meetings, Lodge of Instruction always includes fun and laughter.

The Lodge of Instruction meets at 7.00pm on the 2nd Tuesday of January, February,

March, April, September, October, November and  December.

All Master Masons are welcome; all Lodge Officers are expected to attend.