Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124 - a brief history

The exact date that the Marquis of Granby Lodge was founded is, as yet, unknown. However, we do have minutes of our lodge meetings that go back as far as 1738.
There were 16 members of the lodge that were present at that meeting on the 24th June 1738. The meeting was, in one sense, a normal meeting. After opening the lodge, a man named Thomas Craggs was "admitted a brother" (initiated into Freemasonry).
The founders were a mixed bunch. In the first half of the 18th Century, of those men who were  Freemasons in County Durham, some were Publicans and some were local tradesmen. One was a Stonemason working for Durham Cathedral, another was a 'Peruke Maker'! Whilst a Peruke is still available in today's world it is known by a different name, can you guess what that is?
Today, our lodge membership is just as mixed. We have brethren in the building trades, Marine Engineers, Painters, an Electrician, people in IT, in the education sector and people in the haulage industry. We also have retired brethren, many of whom are Senior Officers of the Lodge, are active Freemasons and very supportive of our newer members.
Our ages range from men in their 20's to their 80's and whatever we do for a living we are equal as brothers, no matter what the profession of those who join us.
External rank and fortune is of no importance to us or to any other Freemason. Our organisation is open to all men of good character aged 21 or over.

Our Yesterdays

Minutes from a meeting in February 1792

(original spelling and abbreviations preserved)

At a General Lodge held this Evening, the Minutes of the Last were read and confirmed.


Br. Wood                M.

      Ebdon               S.W.  P.T.

      Pennington       J.W   P.T.

Finch, P.M.,  Parker,  C.,  Sample,  T., Bone, Sec., Nicholson, Woodifield.

Visitors - Rev. A. Boult, Hutchinson, T. Clark.

Mr. Anty. Hedley was this Night made an Entered Apprentice, and paid his fee accordingly.

Revd. Br. Parker moved that this Lodge do contribute towards the Abolition of the Slave Trade, which being seconded, was put, and unanimously agreed to, and £1.1.0d was ordered to be paid by the Treasurer.

T.R.W. Master obliged the Brethren with the Lecture. 

Business being done the Lodge was closed in due form.