Thinking of joining us?

We welcome new members so please browse our website and contact us if you'd like more information.

We've reproduced some of the frequent questions and answers below and if after reading them you would like to find out how to become a Freemason in Durham City or just find out more about Freemasonry, please contact us and we will happily answer your questions and provide you with further information.

What do we get out of it?


If you asked the Marquis of Granby brethren what they get out of membership, you might get several different answers.

However, many would point to fellowship and mutual support. A feeling of doing the right things.

As our Lodge is more than 280 years old some may say a sense of connection with the past and continuity for the future.

Others may say it is the satisfaction of a ceremony well performed. Perhaps an enjoyment of the theatrical aspects, a great deal of laughter, a few drinks and a good meal shared with like minded men.


Some might say that it is something that's not easily put into words.

What do we do?


In our meetings, we practise age old ceremonies. This is a matter of learning and performing ceremonies based upon the allegory of the building of the first Temple at Jerusalem.

Our ceremonies are designed to teach and remind us of the importance of our relationship with each other as well as to the wider world.

It is a form of teaching that pre-dates books, having been part of Freemasonry for several centuries.


These allegorical ceremonies are enjoyed by Freemasons throughout the world.

Who are we looking for?


We welcome decent, trustworthy men, of at least 21 years of age.

Our charitable donations are raised 'in house' and whilst we ask brethren to give to charity, we stress that no mason should give more than is affordable to him, our giving is not a competition between one another.

Our organisation welcomes applications from all men of good character aged 21 or over.

Freemasonry is open to all and so is the Marquis of Granby Lodge so why not become a Freemason and join us?