Installation Meeting 2020

Marquis of Granby's installation meeting for 2020 took place on the 14th January, by dispensation of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro John Arthur.

Representing the PGM that evening was John B. Gibson (PJGD, PPJGW) and his Director of Ceremonies Lloyd C. Pickering (PPGStwd). Worshipful Brother Gibson was accompanied by no less that ten officers of the United Grand Lodge of England. All were welcomed by the outgoing Master, Brian Radcliffe who was now in the final hours of service to the lodge as Master.

The main purpose of the meeting was to install the new Master. Brian Radcliffe's final duty was to deliver the centuries old ritual that installed Jason Heels as the new Master and, once completed, Jason took his seat in the Master's chair for the first time.

Jason then went on to appoint his office bearers and once this was completed he closed his lodge and we retired downstairs to the dining room.

This special meeting was very well attended by over 100 freemasons from far and wide, 95 of whom stayed to dine, enjoying a quality five course meal. The dining festivities also included a loyal toast to the Master by the now Immediate Past Master; Brian Radcliffe.  The evening also included traditional songs - and 95 singing masons make a splendid choir!

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