December's Lodge Meeting

Unlike many December meetings before it, 2019's December meeting was not a brief one that confirmed the office holders for the ensuing year. After hearing from the lodge secretary, who informed us of communications to and from the lodge, the meeting was closed and then we received a presentation about Durham Masonic Hall and how, with the foresight and commitment of our lodge's predecessors it was built and held it's first masonic meeting 150 year ago on December 7th 1869 Click here for more details.

We celebrated the 150th anniversary and Christmas in the dining room where, as the photos above evidence, all 95 Freemasons assembled and enjoyed a quality meal and shared much happiness and laughter.

We now look forward to a new year, which brings with it a new master of our lodge. Our master elect being Jason Heels who will be installed as Master of the Marquis of Granby Lodge on January 14th 2020.


All those present toasted our Master Elect, wishing him a happy and productive year in the chair of this historic lodge.

Our thanks and good wishes also go to our Chef, Paul Lavin. Paul joined us in August of this year, quickly building a reputation for quality meals.


Paul realised that he already had a great team to support him, serving those meals efficiently and with a smile.

Pictured here from left to right:

Becca, Vanessa, Elise, Neve, Paul, Stew, Kaitlyn and Gemma.


We thank you all for consistently delivering fine meals and great service that are frequently complimented by our visitors from other lodges.

August's Lodge Meeting

The visiting brethren that are in focus in the photo above, front to back are;

on the left

Tony Turfrey (Flambard Lodge) Paul Spencer and Harry Elliott (Lennox Lodge, Richmond N.Yorks)

On the right

Bob Hann (Fenwick Lodge) Wayne Rumley (Palatine Lodge) and Richard Davison (Ernest Dixon Lodge) Ron Smith (Hetton Lyon Lodge)

After a short summer recess, August's meeting started the second half of our year with a well worked second degree despite being 'under staffed' as both of our Deacons were on family holidays - an opportunity for two of our 'Past Masters' to step in and prove themselves up for the challenge!

Following which, Granby's twenty two brethren and our forty five visitors, from every corner of the province of Durham and beyond, retired to the the dining room for a quality three course meal.

Afterwards there were the usual toasts, a few favourite songs and much laughter as sixty seven like minded men enjoyed each other's company long into the evening.

July 2019 - this year's meetings so far.......

Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124 takes a summer break in July, we reflect on our meetings this year; the installation of the new master of our lodge in January; in March a third degree ceremony when a brother was raised to the degree of a Master Mason; in both April and May a candidate for freemasonry was accepted and made a mason, all three age old ceremonies are very special.

During all of these meetings our lodge members were delighted to receive visiting brethren from Lodges including;

St. John's Lodge                      No.80        from Sunderland

Lennox Lodge                         No.123      from Richmond, N. Yorks. see photo.

Wear Valley Lodge                 No.1121    from Shildon

Norman Lodge                       No.1334    from Durham City

Fenwick Lodge                        No.1389    from Sunderland

Tristram Lodge                       No.2415    from Shildon

Bernard Gilpin Lodge            No.3076    from Hetton le Hole

Harte Lodge                            No.4217    from Hartlepool

Ryton Holy Cross Lodge       No.4231     from Ryton, in the Tyne Valley

Surtees Lodge                        No.4593     from Shildon

Bede College Lodge              No.4840     from Durham City

Mowbray Lodge                     No.5373     from Sunderland

Hetton Lyon Lodge                No.6533    from Hetton le Hole

Ryton St. Mary's Lodge         No.6550    from Ryton, in the Tyne Valley

Flambard Lodge                     No.6879    from Durham City

Sanctuary Lodge                    No.8613    from Durham City

Three regular visitors from Lennox Lodge No.123

In the photo above are frequent visitors to Marquis of Granby Lodge, left to right they are; WBro Paul Blacklock; WBro Harry Elliott and WBro Paul Spencer of Lennox Lodge No.123, from Richmond in the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings.

Bro. Chris Clay of Lennox Lodge No.123 on his first visit to Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124

A most welcome visitor in April was Bro. Chris Clay, one of five visitors from Lennox Lodge No.123 that evening.

Chris was made a mason in March this year and his first outward visit to another lodge was in April to Marquis of Granby Lodge where he observed a very similar initition ceremony to his own, barely three weeks before.

By his own words Chris says he's a latecomer to freemasonry, at 52. However, Chris has fully embraced masonry and at that first visit gave very confident greetings on behalf of his lodge, making his companions justly proud.

Chris is already an Ambassador for the 'Light Blues Club' and, like many others, only wishes he'd joined us sooner.

Festival Night
Tuesday 4th June 2019

An annual event where our brethren, along with their wives, partners and friends shared a great time together and a quality four course meal.

Proceeds from the evening were donated to charity.

Our entertainment this year was provided by a truly outstanding four piece band

'The Rain Kings'

(they even had the master of our lodge singing!)

The Rain Kings, a great four piece band that plays the music scene in north east England UK

Installation Meeting 2019

On Tuesday the 8th January 2019, Marquis of Granby Lodge opened its doors to welcome members and visitors to our lodge’s annual installation meeting.


On this occasion WBro Philip Donald Rann PPJGW,PAGDC, represented the Provincial Grand Master, accompanied by his Director of Ceremonies WBro Nigel John Watson PPGStwd.


On this memorable occasion, Brian Radcliffe was installed as Master of the Lodge by his predecessor WBro John Butterfield who had served as Worshipful Master of our lodge for the previous three years, the final year by special dispensation from the then Provincial Grand Master, Norman Eric Heaviside who has since retired.

WBro Brian Radcliffe, Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124.

Worshipful Master, WBro Brian Radcliffe

Group photo of the Master & Officers of Marquis of Granby Lodge 124 & WBro Phil Rann PPJGW,PAGDC

WBro Brian Radcliffe (centre) to the left WBro Phil Rann & to the right WBro John Butterfield IPM, accompanied by some of the lodge's officers for 2019.

After a traditional ceremony working up to the third degree, a lodge of installed masters was opened and Brian was installed as Worshipful Master of Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124 for the ensuing year.

On taking the chair WBro Radcliffe went on to install his officers for 2019.

Afterwards, to mark the occasion, our new Worshipful Master  went on to present WBro Phil Rann, representing the Provincial Grand Master with two cheques from lodge funds, one as a contribution from the lodge to the Durham 2021 Festival, the other being another lodge contribution, this time to the TLC Teddy campaign.

Our new worshipful master then formally brought the meeting to a close, inviting the brethren of Marquis of Granby Lodge and our 36 visitors to join him at the festive board where all enjoyed a quality meal.


Once dining was over, Brian proposed the usual toasts, including a most heartfelt toast to our many visitors from our own province and beyond.

Of course Brian also proposed a toast to his predecessor, our new IPM WBro John Butterfield, who until that same evening had led our lodge so well since January 2016 and has also been a wonderful ambassador for our lodge whilst visiting many other lodges in the province of Durham and beyond.


The toast received a rousing approval from everyone present, no doubt that this was in tribute to his leadership and the tireless effort that John had made for our lodge during his three years in the chair.


Formalities came to a close, but many brethren stayed on until late in the evening and peals of laughter that could be heard during this time, it was clear that friendships were made and renewed.

WBro Brian Radcliffe & WBro Philip Rann PPJGW,PAGDC after receiving cheques for the Durham 2021 festival & TLC Teddies

WBro Brian Radcliffe & WBro Philip Rann PPJGW,PAGDC after donations were received from the lodge to the Durham 2021 Festival and the TLC Teddy campaign.