Durham Masonic Hall

1869 - 2019

A Special Anniversary!

This year's December meeting will be more significant than usual due to it being the 150th anniversary of the very first meeting held in Durham Masonic Hall.

foundation plaque.jpg

Durham Masonic Hall was built by the members of Marquis of Granby Lodge in Victorian times as the lodge membership had grown to the point where the earlier building was simply too small.

Once completed, the first meeting in this building was in December of 1869, at that time Marquis of Granby Lodge was the only lodge of freemasons in Durham City. Compare that to today when there are 13 'craft' lodges and 15 'allied' degrees that meet in Durham Masonic Hall.

Each lodge enjoys the pleasure of meeting in this beautiful building - all due to the foresight and commitment of our predecessors.


In our Lodge's earliest years, like other lodges around the country, they met in a variety of Inns or Public Houses. In the separate column you'll find the list of recorded meeting places. Noteable in 1811 is our lodge's first use of a purpose built hall.

By 1861, membership of our lodge had grown to the point where that building in Chapel Passage was no longer able to cope with the numbers. The members of the lodge started the planning and fundraising that would build the hall we meet in today.

Our meeting places since 1738

The Bird and Bush, Sadler St. Durham 1738

Bro. C. Schaffe's house, Framwellgate 1746

Shoulder of Mutton, Durham 1747

Sign of the Fox, Claypath, Durham, 1747

Bird and Bush, Sadler Street, Durham, 1748

The Inn changed it's name to:

Marquis of Granby, Sadler Street, Durham, 1763

The Castle, Dun Cow Lane, Durham, 1768

Private Room, Bro. Nicholson's, Old Elvet, Durham 1781

Private Room, Bro. Richardby's, Old Elvet, Durham 1792

Lodge Room, Chapel Passage, Old Elvet, Durham 1811

Freemasons' Hall, Old Elvet, Durham 1869

Our Yesterdays

Minutes from a meeting on 23rd  June 1868

The forward thinking in planning the 'new' Masonic Hall

(original spelling and abbreviations preserved)


The Building Committee recommends;


That a clause be inserted in the conveyance of the site to be purchased for the new Masonic Hall giving any other Lodge should that be properly constituted in the City of Durham the right of using the proposed new building for the purposes of such Lodge, the terms, conditions etc of such use being left to the preferrment of the Marquis of Granby Lodge.