A message from the Master of our lodge.

A very warm welcome to the Marquis of Granby Lodge website.

The highest honour that a lodge can bestow on a member it to install him as Master of the lodge. I was installed as Master on the 14th January and I was looking forward to what should have been a busy year.

WBro Jason Heels, Worshipful Master of Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124

Our lodge has no meeting in February or July so the first real work for us was in March when we initiated a new member who, on this occasion, was what we refer to as a 'Lewis' - meaning that he is the son of a freemason.

On that same evening it was an honour and pleasure to welcome our Provincial Grand Master, RWBro  John Arthur who was accompanied by his Director of Ceromonies and members of his provincial team of officers.

The Provincial Grand Master presented Marquis of Granby lodge with a 'Platinum' award for our fundraising events and donations to the Durham 2021 Festival.

We'd planned that April's meeting to be another initiation ceremony, May; A Brother was to be raised to being a Master Mason. June is our festival meeting where our members can invite family and friends to come along and enjoy a meal and some entertainment here at the Masonic Hall. Sadly, meetings from April to June were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we hoped to return in August.


Sadly, this was not to be, August and September's meetings were abandoned as were all meetings, until further notice. We can only hope that life will return to normal as soon as possible and our program of work will be announced here at that time.

In the meantime, I invite you to explore our lodge’s website, if you are not a freemason but are interested in joining us here at the Marquis of Granby Lodge, please get in touch.


There are many 'urban myths' about freemasonry - many are rediculous, some are offensive, nearly all are untrue -especially that which says that  Freemasonry is an elitist organisation where you only join by invitation. In fact it's the opposite - You don't have to know a freemason to join us - you only have to ask - and we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Jason Heels

Worshipful Master,

Marquis of Granby Lodge No.124

Finding Freemasonry

This is the first of several videos featuring freemasons who live, work and attend their lodge here in the north east of England.

The freemasons in this story explain, in their own words, how they came to join our organisation - just as any freemason would reply if you asked them that question. Freemasons are encouraged to talk openly about our organisation.

Our thanks to the 'Comms team' of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham who have produced a series of short episodes, this is the first, with more to follow.